Service to community

Morten Hjorth-Jensen [1, 2]

[1] Department of Physics, University of Oslo, Norway
[2] Department of Physics and Astronomy and National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, Michigan State University, USA

Aug 23, 2020

Synergistic Activities and service through the years:

Editorial boards and committees

Referee for International Journals

Other Referee Activities

Member of International Advisory committees

  1. 22nd International Few-Body Conference, member of IAC 2018
  2. International Nuclear Physics Conference, member of IAC since 2008
  3. Nuclear Structure 2010 and 2014, member of IAC
  4. Program Advisor Committee for Recent Progress in Many-Body Theories, member since 2007
  5. Scientific advisory committee for Nuclear Theory in the Supercomputing Era
  6. International Advisory committee of International Conference on Mathematical Modeling in Physical Sciences
  7. International Advisory committee for XI Latin American Symposium on Nuclear Physics and Applications
  8. International Advisory Board for Conference on Computational Physics
  9. International Advisory committee for EURORIB15 and EURORIB18
  10. International Advisory committee for SIAM conference on Computational Science and Engineering in Boston, 2013

Member of Advisory Committees at Michigan State University

I am member or chair person of the following graduate student committees at Michigan State University:
  1. Justin Lietz, chair, defended thesis June 2019.
  2. Fei Yuan, chair. Defended thesis January 24 2018.
  3. Sam Novario, chair. Defends thesis February 7 2018.
  4. John Bower, chair together with Scott Bogner. Master of Science thesis May 2017.
  5. Adam Jones, committee member. Master of Science thesis July 2017.
  6. Chris Sullivan, committee member. Defended thesis January 2018.
  7. Thomas Redpath, committee member. Defended thesis October 2019.
  8. Sean Sweany, committee member, defends thesis fall 2020.
  9. Rachel Taverner, committee member. Defended thesis May 2019.
  10. Nathan Parzuchowski, committee member. Defended thesis April 2017.
  11. Titus Morris, committee member. Defended thesis May 2016
  12. Kenneth Whitmore, committee member. Defended thesis June 2016
  13. Alex Dombos, committee member. Defended thesis May 2018.
  14. Josh Bradt, committee member, Defended thesis July 2017.
  15. Charles Loelius, committee member, Defended thesis May 2017.
  16. Safwan Shanab, committee member. Defended thesis January 2020.
  17. Hao Lin, committee member. Defended thesis July 2020.
  18. Mao Xingze, committee member. Defended thesis July 2020.
  19. Amy Lovell, committee member. Defended thesis January 24 2018.
  20. Debra Richman, committee member, defends thesis December 2020.
  21. Roy Ready, committee member. Defended thesis May 2020.
  22. Nathan Watwood, committee member
  23. Ben Hall, chair
  24. Udiani Omokuyani, committee member
  25. Jane Kim, chair
  26. Khna Zhu, committee member
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